Proper lighting design tremendously enhances the overall aesthetics of any facility and improves productivity. LED Energy efficient lighting can significantly cut lighting energy costs. Our lighting services include: Interior and Exterior Lighting Retrofits and Replacements that can reduce your lighting power consumption 50-90%. We have successful achieved secured utility rebates to provide less than a year return on investment opportunities. All Tech Energy provides lighting consultation, design and installation for a variety of venues and applications including, but not limited to: Education, Industrial, Commercial, Municipal, Office, Retail including Warehouses. See a list of our services below.

List of Services

All Tech Energy’s full turnkey services include estimating, design and installation. Some of our commercial and industrial electrical services include:

Power Distribution

Let our experts help develop and install the necessary equipment to handle your power distribution.

Low Voltage 

From networking cables to camera systems let our team help you with your low voltage cabling.

Building Automation Controls

Our next-generation building automation systems make it possible to extend automated control to every building system—HVAC, lighting, security, and detection—on a single platform.


Our team can run complete diagnostics of your equipment and facilities to help assess your needs.

Thermal Imaging

We use state of the art equipment to view the thermal dynamics of your equipment and buildings.

Charging Stations

Our team can install automotive charging stations as well as interior charging stations for small electronics.


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